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Art of Everyone is a unique experiential art company, providing a once in a lifetime artistic experience at corporate events, music festivals, team building, trade shows, and retreats to name a few. Art is created in real-time under the direction of specially trained Artist Conductor’s.

 Our Artist Conductors “conduct” participants using a laser pointer from the front of a free-standing canvas or acrylic frame. Participants do all the painting from the other side, following the Artist Conductor’s laser and verbal direction. It’s something you have to see to believe.   

Calling all Artists

We are looking for great talent to join our specialized team of artist conductors and artist assistants


Are you a classically trained visual artist specializing in painting, illustration, surrealism and/or drawing? 

Do you have strong leadership and communication skills?

 Are comfortable working with people?


As an Artist Conductor, you will be tapping into an entirely new communication realm, as you translate your creative vision, guiding participants to follow your lead, from the type of stroke to use to the pressure being applied to the canvas. This ability to communicate with the participants and lead them is as important as your ability to create beautiful art. This is LIVE PERFORMANCE art like nothing you’ve seen.”

Who CAn Enter?


Classically Trained Artists


Art Educators


Visual Artists

  • Applicants must be 18 years or older.
  • All applicants should specialize in either painting, illustration, surrealism and/or drawing, tattoo, graffiti, comic and landscape.
  • Must possess strong leadership and communication skills –
  • Must be very comfortable working with people in general as well as a high level of comfort having direct contact and communication with our clients.

You are invited to submit up to five works through the Artrepreneur platform.

YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT YOUR ARTWORK, A PERSONAL SUMMARY AND A RESUME.  Follow the Instructions below to submit your application.

Step 1: Start Your Submission

  • You will be directed to the Open Call Page on Artrepreneur. Click the “Apply” button to begin the application
  • If you are not currently a member of Artrepreneur, you will be directed to join. Artrepreneur is free to join.


Step 2: Upload Your Artwork

  • The Open Call wizard will guide you through the upload process
  • Add details about your work or series of works.
  • After uploading, your work will be available from the Manage your Art menu item.  If you submitted more than one work, a portfolio will be available on your “view my portfolio” page.

Step 3: Upload or Build a Resume

  • Click on the “build a resume” menu item and hit the edit button.
  • Add your personal summary and other details
  • Upload a PDF resume or build one by adding creative highlights
    • Although building your full resume is not required for this open call, we  suggest adding some creative highlights so you can be found more easily by artrepreneur members and on internet search engines.

To verify your submission, click the manage my applications menu item to see your submission.  You may edit your resume and artwork details or change any images in your submitted portfolio at any time prior to the submission deadline. For additional information on how to use artrepreneur effectively, view this video tutorial.



Hired as AOE Team Member

  • TBD

Artrepreneur Placement

  • Artwork will be permanently displayed on the Artrepreneur Open Call Winners Page.
  • A Winners AOE Badge will be permanently placed on their Artrepreneur profile, linked to their winning artwork.


  • Winners will be featured across Artrepreneur’s social media channels.
  • Winners will also be mentioned in newsletters going out to our 10,000+ strong network of Artrepreneurs.

Dates and Deadlines

The following are tentative dates and subject to change:

Applications accepted as of TBD

Juror Panels will review submissions by TBD

Winners will be announced by TBD

Winners will receive their cash prizes by TBD


About Art of Everyone

Art of Everyone thoroughly engages an audience and unlocks its creativity by putting the power of painting in the hands of anyone who wants to experience the joy and freedom of self-expression. It’s big and bold and open minded. With paint stick in hand, participants follow the lead of an Artist Conductor. Any technical skills or special abilities are unnecessary. 

The Artist Conductor begins outlining an image on a large canvas using just a laser pointer and a vivid imagination. Participants stand on the other side of the canvas and begin applying paint by following the laser dot travels through the canvas. Everyone in the crowd can try it and in no time a work of art is created – and the Artist Conductor never touched the canvas. Art of Everyone harnesses the collective creativity of the crowd; it’s an experience you will never forget, and leaves you with (the gift of) a beautiful piece of art.

Art of Everyone is fully customizable and scales from small intimate private settings to large activations that can include multiple and simultaneous locations. We have a team of highly skilled artists that are trained to execute this method by directing the collaboration of the piece in their style. Our team of artists specialize in various forms of art from portrait, abstract, landscape to sill-life and more.

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